Welcome to the Cornish Swim Academy

Super important to learn to swim and swim well in Cornwall, water every-where! check out the last months Celebrations with the ASA!

Don't Forget, if your a young swimmer in Cornwall Looking to gain an edge with your performance, contact us at Cornish Swim Academy

We are super happy with the position of our Endless Pool Elite here at the ...
Newquay View Resort Trevelgue Road, Newquay TR8 4AS
If your Looking for Swimming Coaching, or Lessons this summer drop us a line! SMALL GROUPS OR PRIVATE 121

Prices below:

30 mins lesson 1 off booking = 18.95 Block booking is 17.95
45 mins lesson 1 off booking = 27.95 Block booking is 24.95
60 mins lesson 1 off booking = 36.95 Block booking is 33.95


It can be hard as a coach to break a swimmers stroke down, give stacks of feed back, correct, refine, and refine again when a whole session is taking place packed with 30-40 swimmers!
Breaking the swimmers stroke dow on an Endless Pool Elite and then refining that stroke correction is our Speciality here at the Cornish Swim Academy.
We are aim for perfection with every stroke, its our passion!